Meet Allie Bruener: University Of Washington Cheerleader

The #4 ranked Washington Huskies (12-1) are getting ready to take on the #1 ranked Alabama Crimson Tide (13-0) in the Peach Bowl on Saturday, December 31. If Washington is able to pull off the upset over the heavily favored Alabama squad, they will earn the right to compete for the National Championship.
While most analysts are discussing inconsequential stuff like will the Huskies be able to move the ball against the top defense in college football (11.8 points per game) or will Washington be able to stop Alabama’s 13th ranked rushing attack (245.0 yards per game). The real x-factor in this College Football Playoff matchup is on the sidelines. That’s right, I’m referring to none other than Washington cheerleader Allie Bruener.

Allie is known all over the country for her ability to whip crowds into a frenzy and distract the opposition with her jaw-dropping looks. I’m sure Nick Saban’s been game planning like crazy, trying to scheme up ways to limit her impact on the game. Easier said than done, Nicky.
It’s no surprise that Allie is a great athlete with tons of Huskies spirit, as her dad is retired football player Mark Bruener. Mark played tight end for the University of Washington from 1991-1994, and he was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers as the 27th overall pick in the 1995 NFL Draft. He would play for Pittsburgh from 1995-2003 and the Houston Texans from 2004-2008.
Now that you have a little background info on Allie, check out some of her hottest photos in the gallery below. It’s safe to say that I’ll be pulling for the Huskies this New Year’s Eve.

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