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It Definitely Seems That Drake & Jennifer Lopez Are A Legit Couple

Drake's Instagram

Drake’s Instagram

There have been rumors of a possible romance between Drake and Jennifer Lopez swirling around the internet for weeks now, but I thought that it was all nonsense. I told myself that I wasn’t going to be fooled again like when there was that juicy gossip that Drake was dating Taylor Swift back in October.

But it looks like the Drake and J.Lo rumors might not be your typical tabloid bullshit. Early Wednesday, Drake and J.Lo posted identical photos to Instagram of them engaging in a sweet embrace at virtually the same exact time. You can check out the pics below, which seem to confirm that they are a legit couple.

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That seems pretty damn official to me. Not quite as official as the old “in a relationship” status on Facebook, but having matching Instagram pics is a very serious move. There is a large age gap between the pair, as Drake is 30 and Lopez is 47. But J.Lo has proven time and time again that she is not a mere mortal and the laws of aging don’t apply to her.

If you still need more evidence that Drake and J.Lo are a bona fide couple, it’s been reported that Rihanna recently unfollowed Lopez on Instagram. We can only hope that they resolve this conflict with a mud wrestling match that is live streamed over the internet.

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