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These Are The Top 10 Best Memes Of 2016


Best Memes of 2016

2016 is coming to an end (finally!!!) and while most will look back on these 12 months as the worst in recent memory, if there’s any group that will look back on this year fondly, it’s the internet.

Maybe it was the surreal nature of reality in 2016, but it seemed as though this year more than ever, memes became a part of popular culture. Lebron James wore a ‘Sipping Tea Kermit’ hat after the Warriors blew a 3-1 lead winning the NBA Finals. The Vice President of the free world became a meme. Those ‘Damn Daniel’ kids were on The Ellen Show. Harambe received┬ávotes for President of the United States.

Point is, whether it was the bizarre events of 2016 or internet culture becoming more influential than ever, for all the shit that came out of 2016, it was also the year of the meme.

So with that, check out the most relatable, most bizarre, and most important memes of 2016.

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