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WATCH: Woman Gives Boyfriend A Giant Bag Of Weed For Christmas



The internet is flooded today with videos of people’s reactions to their Christmas gifts, but this is the cream of the crop. All of your heartwarming videos can go take a hike. Watching a man become overjoyed when his girlfriend gives him a giant bag of weed for Christmas is what the holidays are all about.

Now that’s a present! So much better than getting lame stuff like clothes, books, or a membership into a Jelly of the Month Club. That was pure elation on that dude’s face. I haven’t seen someone so happy about a Christmas gift since that little kid lost his damn mind over getting a Nintendo 64.

That was a ridiculously big bag of weed too. It looked like the bags George Jung was getting from Derek Foreal in his early drug pushing days in Blow. I can only imagine how high that guy got that night. He probably rolled himself a joint with a circumference resembling Santa Claus’ waistline.

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