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70-Year-Old Arkansas Tech Student Joins Fraternity, Becomes Real Life ‘Blue’


Gary Fryer Arkansas Tech

Gary Fryer is a Arkansas Tech University student who, despite being the ripe old age of 70-years-old, understands the importance of extracurricular activities. After meeting and greeting all sorts of different clubs and organizations on the quad, he decided to join one of the most surprising groups of all: the Kappa Sigma fraternity, making him the real-life version of “Blue” from Old School.

Rather than steal him in a black van while wearing stockings on their heads, the Kappa Sigma fraternity brothers had a different method of bringing Gary onboard. From ArkansasTechNews:

During orientation activities at Tech, Gary attended the annual Involvement Fair on the Hindsman Tower lawn. The event connects new Tech students with community entities and campus organizations.

It was there that Fryer met the men of Kappa Sigma Fraternity.

“They had all the booths set up, and I went by the Kappa Sig one,” said Fryer. “I had a badge on saying I was a transfer student, so they could recognize that and know I wasn’t just some old goof ball. They spoke real friendly and so did the other fraternities, but I guess I responded more to (Kappa Sigma).”

Probably my favorite bit from the quote is Gary talking about how his transfer badge ensures that people who see him don’t think that he’s just an old goof ball. Like that little badge is going to make people forget they’re talking to a 70-year-old, and that he’s just a normal transfer student.

So how does he like the fraternity?

“I have a bunch of 18 or 19-year old brothers,” said Fryer. “I have a group of young men who aren’t afraid to pat me on the back or hug me around the shoulder. They told me they thought it would be great having me in there because I may have experience and be able to give them advice. I told them I don’t give advice. I’ll share experiences with you, and I’ve been through all the experiences you’re going to go through, so I’d love to do that.”


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