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‘Captain Underpants’ Is Being Made Into A Movie, And My Inner 7-Year-Old Self Is STOKED

Photo courtesy of Entertainment Weekly via Dreamworks Animation)

(Photo courtesy of Entertainment Weekly via Dreamworks Animation)

Captain Underpants is coming to the big-screen and, because I’m basically a six-year-old boy in a 23-year-old man’s body, I can’t flipping wait.

For those of you unfamiliar with Captain Underpants, I’m sorry about your childhood. Oh and here’s a brief description via the Entertainment Weekly article that provided an exclusive first look.

Based on Dav Pilkey’s long-running and frequently banned kids’ books, the animated Captain Underpants follows George Beard (Kevin Hart) and Harold Hutchins (Thomas Middleditch), two fourth graders who hypnotize their tyrannical principal (Ed Helms) into stripping down, tying a curtain around his neck, and declaring himself Earth’s newest defender.

I’m not really that into typical superhero movies, and that’s probably because I never read any superhero comic books when I was a kid. Instead I spent my time devouring all the Captain Underpants books I could get my hands on, and laughing my ass off all the way through.

In fact, I was such a massive Captain Underpants fan in first grade that when we had to decorate pumpkins for Halloween to display in entrance to the school, I made mine into Captain Underpants complete with my dad’s tighty-whities. And because I have the worst luck, within a few days my pumpkin started rotting and it looked like my Captain Underpants had pissed himself.

Anyway, they made some great choices in having Kevin Hart, Thomas Middleditch and Ed Helms voice the main characters, and I really hope I still find bathroom humor as funny as I did back in the days.

Captain Underpants flies into theaters on June 2nd, 2017.


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