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WATCH: Timberwolves Mascot Gives Child Kings Fan A PS4, Then Promptly Takes It Back


timberwolves kings playstation ps4

To provide some in-game entertainment during last night’s Kings-Timberwolves game, Minnesota’s mascot Crunch the Wolf got into the Christmas spirit and handed out some presents to some children in attendance. The segment ended with an epic  troll move, with Crunch gifting a kid rocking a DeMarcus Cousins jersey a brand-new PlayStation 4 before quickly reneging and taking the PS4 back from the stunned child.

While some people might think it’s an asshole move to punk a child in this manner, that’s precisely why I like it. Participation trophies turn children into entitled pricks, and giving a kid a PS4 while wearing the opponent’s jersey would have been the ultimate participation trophy.

Why'd they have to do him like that? 🙃

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I get that he’s just a child but if you live in Minnesota, what the hell are you doing rooting for the Sacramento Kings? Like I get the Timberwolves have been downright dreadful for this kid’s entire life but if you’re going to abandon your hometown squad you might as well jump on the bandwagon of a team like the Warriors or Cavaliers. Not the goddamn Sacramento Kings, whose cumulative record since 2005 is worse than every team in the league besides for the Timberwolves.

And the child wasn’t just wearing any Kings jersey, but a DeMarcus Cousins jersey. You know, the guy who in the last week has been under fire after another incident in which he bullied a member of the media for doing his job. So basically this kid’s parents have him steadily on the path to being an inconsiderate jerk when he grows up.

So this child needed to be taught a lesson before it was too late, and it looked like Crunch had done it in legendary fashion.

But apparently the whole thing was a ruse, and the Kings fan was in fact eventually given the PS4, as shown in the tweet below by the Timberwolves official account. That’s pure softness on the part of the Minnesota franchise, and it’s no surprise that their disappointing 9-20 team lost to the Kings after this on their home floor.

(h/t Dime Magazine on Uproxx)


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