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Don’t You Hate It When You’re Live Streaming Yourself Gaming & Your Hot Mom Walks Into The Shot


For such a short video, I sure have a hell of a lot of angles I want to tackle here. First, is the act of live streaming yourself playing video games. When did this become a thing? Like, how did the rise of Pew Die Pie or whatever the f*ck his name is even happen? Clearly, it’s a decade thing — if you’re 23 like me, you don’t understand it, but if you’re 13, watching OTHER people play video games is your shit.

My second take on this video is: is this fake? Our man right here is locked into his video games, yet he seems to be shutting the door on his mom before she even walks into the frame. Something about the timing and his reaction seem off. Also, if it is fake, what kind of pervy family are we dealing with? “Yeah, hey Mom, could you throw on your black underwear for me and walk into my room while the camera is recording so we can go viral?” I’m gagging just thinking about that interaction, so let’s just assume (/hope) that this is real.

Lastly, is Mom actually hot? It’s a shit camera and she’s in the frame for about a second, so it could be tough to tell. Well, I’m going with YES, Mom is hot, 10/10 would smash 8 days a week. Plus, she’s just casually¬†strolling around the cribs in her all lingerie? You know she’s down.

Hey, Mom, hmu.

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