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HAHAHA, Duke’s Grayson Allen Suspended Indefinitely

ACC Digital Network

ACC Digital Network

Last night, the #5 ranked Duke Blue Devils beat the Elon Phoenix 72-61. But the real story from the game was Grayson Allen acting like a gigantic dickhead yet again. For the third time in the past year, Allen intentionally tripped another player. Watch Allen blatantly stick his leg out to trip Elon’s Steven Santa Ana, and then have a total meltdown on the bench.

What a goddamn nutjob. After an incident like that, Duke clearly either had to suspend Allen or start pumping him full of horse tranquilizers before games. Duke went with the former, and via ESPN, here’s what that weasel Coach K had to say about the suspension.

“We have had the opportunity to thoroughly review the incident involving Grayson Allen from last night’s game against Elon,” coach Mike Krzyzewski said in a statement issued Thursday morning. “As I stated last night, the incident was unacceptable and inexcusable. He took an important step last night by apologizing in person to Steven Santa Ana and Coach Matt Matheny.

“As a program, we needed to take further steps regarding his actions that do not meet the standards of Duke Basketball. To that end, we have determined that Grayson will be suspended from competition for an indefinite amount of time.”

As a passionate Duke hater, Christmas just came early. Have fun trying to con your way into bogus free throws from the couch, you deplorable scumbag.

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