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The Drunkest State in the US Won’t Surprise You Because Drinking Is The Only Thing To Do There


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The CDC has published a map of America that shows what percentage of that state’s population are considered binge drinkers, and it turns out that North Dakota is the drunkest state in the Union. I personally had my money on Florida, because, well, ya know, Florida.  Now, let me preface this by saying that I think the definition of binge drinking is absolute bullshit, considering the only way to get sufficiently drunk is to ‘binge drink’. Point being, if you’re drinking at all, you HAVE to binge drink, or else it’s pointless. Or at least that’s what I tell myself to cope with my budding alcoholism.

According to research was compiled by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in 14 states, 19-25 percent of the population are considered binge drinkers. The 14 states are Alaska, Maine, Nebraska, Vermont, Ohio, Hawaii, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, District of Columbia, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin and North Dakota.

North Dakota has the highest population with a whopping 24.9 percent of their population being considered binge drinkers. Of ever four North Dakotans you run into, one of them are going to be drunk. Impressive.

Is anyone genuinely surprised that America’s most boring state has the highest percentage of binge drinkers? This could be totally made up, but don’t the Dakotas have like super short days? I mean, it’s dark, freezing, barren, and it’s basically Canada — what else is there to do but get f*cked up?

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