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Gamer Gifts: Top 10 Best Last Minute Gifts For Gamers 2016


Gamer Gifts 2017

Gift giving is tough. Finding that “perfect something” for each and every person on your list is enough to make you dread the holiday season altogether. It gets even worse when you are down to the wire and have only a couple of days before the big exchange. What if that person on you list is a gamer and you have no idea what to get them? We have all been there. Cash and gift cards lack that personal touch you want your gift to exude and are without that tangible, Christmas morning “I get to play with it now” sensation. You want the recipient to feel like you were thinking about them the whole season and that you hand selected this present just for them. It’s not always easy and so we have compiled a list of the best last-minute gift ideas for that special someone in your life. All of these items are available with Amazon Prime free two-day shipping (with gift-wrapping available) so you know they will be under the tree by the big day.

SupaBoy S


Instagram @hyperkin

With the massively popular and impossible to find Mini NES Classic Edition releasing earlier this year, nostalgic gamers are already salivating at the thought of Nintendo releasing a similar mini SNES console in the future. At this point Nintendo have yet to say anything about their plans in regards to that, so we must look to third-party companies to aid us in our retro-gaming endeavors. And so there is the SupaBoy S. This delightful, little handheld will play any old SNES cartrdges on the 4.3 inch screen or it can be hooked up to a TV using its TV-out AV jack. It also has two SNES controller inputs if you want to play any of the classic multiplayer games. It is a small package that delivers oh-so much retro-gaming goodness and this little-known item is sure to surprise and excite any gamer who played the original.

BUY: SupaBoy S

Xbox One Elite Controller


Instagram @auzthawizz

The Xbox One Elite Controller is one of those items that you never knew you needed until you use it. And for just that reason, most gamers don’t have one already. If you have someone on your list who is into shooters on the Xbox One, this is a must have. The Elite controller adds higher quality, interchangeable joysticks and D-pads as well as adding paddles so your fingers never have to switch orientation while playing games that require twitch-reflexes. Not only does this baby come with a myriad of attachments and modifications, but it also features an easy-to-use app on the Xbox One that allows even further customization. This is truly an elite gift for any elite gamer.

BUY: Xbox One Elite Controller

Logitech G230 Stereo Gaming Headset with Mic


Instagram @ekosgreece

Everyone knows that half the fun of online gaming is shouting obscenities at other players, am I right?  Just me? Even still, any gamer worth their salt is going to need a good pair of headphones and a good mic to communicate with their teammates for maximum tactical advantage. Logitech’s G230 headset is the perfect option that won’t break the bank. Crystal clear audio and a noise cancelling mic will ensure that anything your teammates say is heard clearly and every command you issue is followed to a t. That last part may be wishful thinking, but any gamer will surely enjoy the gift of high-quality audio this Christmas.

BUY: Logitech G230 Stereo Gaming Headset with Mic

Steam Link

Steam Link Gift

Instagram @gamerassaultweekly

Seriously one of the coolest products on this list, the Steam Link allows PC gamers to join their console-gaming brethren in the living room by streaming pc games to any TV. The concept is simple: video and audio data is sent from your PC to any other TV in the house turning your TV into a computer monitor. Add in a Steam controller (listed below) and you have yourself the most comfortable gaming set-ups imaginable.

BUY: Steam Link

Steam Controller

Steam Controller Gifts

Instagram @cenowarka

Truly the future of gaming controllers, the Steam controller is Valve’s newest piece of gaming hardware. The controller features two touch-pads and a joystick for absolute, mouse-level precision in PC games. The Steam controller works with Steam Big Picture mode and the Steam Link (though a Steam Link is not required for usage) so playing your PC games from the comfort of your living room couch has never been easier or more comfortable. The Steam controller is still a relatively new product, so there is a good chance the gamer on your list doesn’t already have one.

BUY: Steam Controller

Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR Gifts

Instagram @adroparsa

Is Samsung Gear VR the best VR product out there? No, not by a long shot. But unless you are willing to drop $600-$800 on a Christmas gift (if you are, we should be friends), you’re not going to be purchasing any of the premiere virtual reality headsets. The Samsung Gear VR is, however, a great entry-level VR product that is sure to impress and entertain at your Christmas gathering this year. Simply insert any Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 edge, Note5, S6 edge+, S6, S6 edge into the headset and you are transported to a world of virtual reality. This is a great gift for any Samsung owner, especially at Christmas when you need an escape from the in-laws.

BUY: Samsung Gear VR

Redragon M801 Mammoth Gaming Mouse

Redragon M801 Mammoth Gaming Mouse

Instagram @gamerz_zone_hun

A good mouse is crucial for any PC gamer. There are so many options for gaming mice these days, with some that cost well over $100. While Christmas is the season of giving, there are also many gaming mice that are much cheaper and still fantastic products. The Redragon M801 Mammoth is one of these great items. Featuring nine programmable buttons, an eight-piece weight tuning set and the ability to create five user profiles for different button mapping, this is a hell of a lot of mouse for under $30.

BUY: Redragon M801 Mammoth Gaming Mouse

Xbox One S 500GB + Battlefield 1 Bundle

Xbox One S Gift

Instagram @free_xbox_one_s

Truly an epic gift. If you really want someone to love you for the next 365 days, this Xbox One bundle will achieve that goal. The newest version of Micrsoft’s flagship gaming console, the Xbox One S is slimmer and more powerful than its predecessor. The 500 GB hard drive is certain to have plenty of space for games and movies and this bundle comes with one of the season’s highest rated shooters. In my opinion, you can tell whomever you give this gift to that it counts for their birthday, as well. That’s what we call a two-fer.

BUY: Xbox One S 500GB + Battlefield 1 Bundle

Playstation 4 500GB+ Uncharted 4 Bundle

Playstation 4 gift

Instagram @playstation_4_official

I would not want anyone thinking I was being partisan when it came to console preference so Sony’s machine must also make the list. A great console for a great price, this 500GB model is also bundled with one of this years highest rated games.

BUY: Playstation 4 500GB+ Uncharted 4 Bundle


Overwatch Gift

When in doubt, give the gift of game. What better game to give than Game of the Year winner Overwatch? My personal favorite of 2016, this team-based multiplayer shooter is one of the most novel experiences in recent memory. Although it is an FPS, its light-on-violence take on the genre makes it a great holiday gift for all ages.

BUY: Overwatch

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