Emily Ratajkowski Can't Even Make A Christmas Card Without Taking Her Clothes Off

And I absolutely love it. I’ve LONG said I think of Emily Ratajkowski as the hottest chick on the planet. When you and your friends have those discussions where you debate who you’d smash if you could sleep with one woman in the world, I will ALWAYS say Emily Ratajkowski. As I’ve said in my previous 1000 articles about her, I consider her to be the next stage in human evolution. Apes, humans, then whatever the hell Emily is — that’s the fate of our evolution.
To be honest, I have zero clue how this artsy-fartsy crap qualifies as Christmas cards, but to be even more honest, I personally do not give a flying fugggggg. All I care about is that my favorite girl on the planet has found yet another reason to take her clothes off and that’s perfectly fine with me. Merry Christmas to me.


Via Vogue:

The cards are a collage of photos showing a cityscape, interior details, as well as portraits of EmRata. “I took these photos over the course of the year on my phone and a disposable camera in spaces that are important to me,” she says. “I’ve always been interested in the power of place and the idea of home and how it effects identity. These are sort of self-portraits in that way. They’re related to a series of collages I started in college around the same themes and aesthetics.” In that way, the cards are far more than just a holiday greeting—they’re a gift in and of themselves.
Ratajkowski only made five of these special cards for people she is very close to, like her parents and her boyfriend. “With everything going on in the world this year, my material gifts seemed to stop short at feeling special and full of love, so I decided to do the collages,” she says.

And of course, whenever I can work a Seinfeld, South Park, or Chappelle’s Show reference into an article, you bet your ass I will. Today’s winner is Seinfeld, to that time Elaine sent out a Christmas card with her nipple in it:


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