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Detroit Just Became America’s Greatest City, Will Get World’s First IHOP/Applebee’s Combo


Who would have ever thought we’d be sitting her being jealous of Detroit? Cause trust me, there are few things that would make me jealous of that hell hole, but a combo of two of the dankest fast-casual dining spots in the biz is certainly one of those things.

The 300-seat restaurant will be located at the Millender Center. It’s goal is to serve guests in nearby hotels as well as downtown visitors, office workers and residents. The restaurant’s menu is still being developed, and it’s not yet known whether guests could order any item at anytime.

Imagine, you can crush breakfast and lunch in one sitting. Next thing we know, these restaurants will be delivering (*crosses fingers*)

Via Detriot Free Press:

The 12,000-square-foot restaurant would replace the former Sweet Lorraine’s cafe and be a franchise of TEAM Schostak Family Restaurants. It is expected to open in late 2017 and employ more than 100 people. The restaurant will feature a coffee bar and Detroit-centric interior design, Executive Chairman Mark Schostak said.

“This is the first IHOP/Applebee’s combo that’s ever been built anywhere,” Schostak said. The Schostak company “is proud to expand our portfolio by uniquely combining two nationally recognized and family-oriented brands.”


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