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WATCH: Old Man Drops N-Word, Gets Beatdown Outside Of Cheesecake Factory



An older white guy and a black man got into a confrontation outside of a Cheesecake Factory. They were trading insults back and forth when the white guy made a huge tactical error. He tried to slip in an N-word before retreating into the restaurant, but the black guy was too quick for him. He pounced on him and dished out an emphatic beatdown.

Watch the dramatic battle unfold in the video below.

What an idiot. Why did the old guy have to use the N-word? He got plenty of good non-racial digs in there, and he was so close to leaving the situation without having to actually throw hands, which is the best case scenario when you’re a fired up old dude. Do some world-class shit talking, walk away, eat an entire cheesecake. That’s how you’re supposed to handle conflicts in your golden years. You’re not supposed to practically beg somebody to whip your ass by using a racial slur.

That old slapdick just couldn’t resist saying the N-word, and he paid the price for his poor judgement. I bet he was thinking these exact thoughts when that first punch landed squarely on his big, dumb mouth.

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