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WATCH: In This Absurd Video The Dallas Cowboys Hire Wrestling Legend Sting To Teach Intimidation


cowboys sting ezekiel elliot


If you wear menacing face paint and carry around a baseball bat, people probably aren’t going to mess with you. That’s why the Cowboys brought in Dallas native and professional wrestler Sting, who in 2015 joined our president-elect in the WWE Hall of Fame, to teach the value of intimidation.

As a Giants fan, it pains me to admit that I actually found this video amusing. Then again, I’m also a wrestling geek, so maybe that explains my affinity for such ridiculousness.

While the video is funny- and I applaud Ezekiel Elliot, Jason Witten and the rest of the Cowboys in it for playing along- it’s not exactly an original premise.

In the movie Little Giants it appeared the island of misfit toys Giants team had no hope of beating the formidable Cowboys team in their game for hometown supremacy. But in a masterstroke, the genius kid who serves as the assistant coach reaches out to John Madden, who arrives via bus with a crew of NFL stars. And former Bills great Bruce Smith teaches the ragtag group of kids the power of intimidation. In other words, basically the exact same thing as the Cowboys video.

So while the Cowboys scene was basically an exact copy of that, not to mention a knockoff version of the This is SportsCenter ads, maybe that’s not such a bad idea to copy the legendary Little Giants. Because so far the real life real-life Giants have shown they have the Cowboys number by handing them their only two losses, so if Dallas wants to prevail against Big Blue it’s worth a shot to try to turn Little Giants upside down. And that starts with intimidation.

(h/t SB Nation)

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