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These Are The Most Popular Christmas Movies In Each Of The 50 States


If you aren’t watching Christmas movies until your eyes start bleeding this week you’re either A) probably Jewish and celebrating Hannukah and if so Happy Holidays, or B) soulless as Satan.

As for me, I have a couple bangers I usually resort to: The Nightmare Before Christmas (shoutout blink-182), How The Grinch Stole Christmas (shoutout Jim Carrey), The Santa Clause (shoutout Tim Allen) and Jingle All The Way (shoutout Arnie). To me, saying Elf or Home Alone is your favorite Christmas movie is like saying football is your favorite American sport — no shit dude, be a little more original.

As it turns out, America is unoriginal AF, as essentially everyone loves Home Alone and Elf. Sure, there are a couple of outliers, like Connecticut f*cking with a movie I’ve literally never heard of, called Christmas In Connecticut, and the southwest repping Nightmare, but other than that, just a bunch of chalk.


You can find’s full study here.

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