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WATCH: Little Kids Are Terrified Of ‘Elf On The Shelf’

Fredrick Ray's YouTube

Fredrick Ray’s YouTube

A father busted out The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition, and his kids proceeded to have a total meltdown. Watch the elf scare the bejesus out of the young children.

Goddamn, they really aren’t fans of Elf on the Shelf. You would’ve thought their dad was getting ready to sic a Chucky doll on them or something. While their reactions were definitely over-the-top, I can’t blame them for not liking that creepy ass snitch.

I never understood how the hell this became such a popular tradition in the first place. It’s already off-putting enough that Santa “sees you when you’re sleeping.” And now, we’re supposed to deal with midgets chilling on shelves, getting their voyeurism on? What a crock of Big Brother bullshit.

If someone tried to put one of those things in my house, it’d get tossed into a garbage disposal so fast it’d make your head spin. Report that back to Santa, ya f*cking weirdo.

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