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WATCH: Girl Screaming At Dad For Being Late To An iPhone Appointment Makes My Blood Boil



It’s still early, and God knows 2016 has a knack for coming up with new ways to disappoint us, but I think we just found the worst person of the holiday season. Watch a teenage girl throw a ridiculous temper tantrum, screaming and belittling her dad for making them late to an iPhone appointment. The title of the video says grandfather, but a lot of reddit detectives think it’s actually her father. Either way, this little hellion’s behavior is totally unacceptable and makes my blood boil.

If I ever talked to my father like that, a broken iPhone would be the least of my worries. He’d whip my ass all over that mall, from Claire’s to Wetzel’s Pretzels, for acting like such a brat. I was really hoping she’d suffer a devastating ankle injury while stomping around, as no one is more deserving of a heaping dose of karma than her.

Even though I hate that girl with every fiber of my being, her dad also needs to sack the f*ck up. It’s not like she turned into a monster overnight. You know damn well she’s been spoiled since day one to become the child terrorist we see before us today. If you give a mouse a cookie, it will ask for a glass of milk. And if you let your jackass kid walk all over you, you’ll get bullied in a viral video.

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