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WATCH: Gigi Paris Eats Candy Cane In Extremely Provocative Fashion

Chris Applebaum's Instagram

Chris Applebaum’s Instagram

Gigi Paris is the latest model to provocatively eat food for Chris Applebaum. Watch Gigi go to town on a candy cane in these Christmas-themed Instagram videos.

Sweet baby Jesus. I’m as hard as a yule log right now. I don’t know if my love for Christmas is clouding my judgement, but Gigi’s performance was easily one of my favorites in this glorious series. And for the record, “Feliz Navidad” is a top 10 Christmas song of all-time, and I’ll beat anybody’s ass who disagrees like their name is Scott Farkus.

Because it’s the season for giving, here are the previous Applebaum videos that we’ve covered at COED. If he doesn’t win an Oscar this year, the entire academy needs to be thrown into a loony bin.

And to prove that this was no fluke from Gigi, here are some of her best photos. Her consistency in being blistering hot can only be matched by the Sahara.

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