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Vida Guerra: Hottest Photos On The Internet

Vida Guerra's Instagram

Vida Guerra’s Instagram

After stumbling across Vida Guerra’s latest photo shoot, I was inspired to compile a gallery of her hottest photos on the internet. It’s the very least I could do for such a legend in the modeling and hip hop industries.

It’s ridiculous how goddamn amazing Vida looks for being 42-years-old. The exotic stunner from Havana, Cuba is the definition of timeless, as her majestic backside is a classic that will never go out of style. She’s pretty much The Godfather of models known for having spectacular butts.

From gracing the pages of magazines like Playboy and FHM, to stealing the show in music videos such as Nelly, P. Diddy, and Murphy Lee’s “Shake Ya Tailfeather” and Kanye West‘s “The New Workout Plan,” to blowing minds of a new generation of fans on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Vida has had herself one helluva career.

So without further ado, let’s celebrate Vida still having her fastball by taking a look at some of her hottest photos.

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