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Apple AirPods Reviews: Must-See Details, Hands-On & Video

AirPods Reviews


Much to the disappointment of many, Apple‘s newly released iPhone 7 had one design element that was widely considered to be flawed: no more 3.5mm headphone jack. People responded to this change with outrage, and others looked hopeful in finding what this new technology could bring them in the future. The Apple AirPods are that new technology that attempts to bring something new to the table in the absence of the beloved headphone jack, and it seems to be a pretty cool thing so far.

The Apple AirPods were released on December 13, 2016 in North America, and they were released in the UK just today. Unfortunately for the average consumer, these neat little wireless headphones ask for a hefty price on launch at $159 or £159 respectively, which is a bit steeper than in the US. The Apple AirPods are also going to be released in many other countries, so no matter where you are, chances are that you can pick these up… if the supply wasn’t so limited. Today, the UK launch was met with small amounts of AirPods to sell to consumers, and they effectively sold out in minutes. This is unfortunate for any average consumer who might be interested in picking up the new tech for a Christmas present, but Apple does plan on shipping out more units at a later date, so hopefully the problem can be rectified.

For now, though, what are people saying about the new Apple AirPods? Originally, when they were first announced, I remembered critics and consumers alike being scared for the future of Apple with no headphone jack. It’s a bit silly, but most people claimed that they would not be buying the new iPhone 7. There were also remarks about how wireless headphones were impractical because of the small size, and that consumers would easily lose or break them. Today, we can see that many people have already purchased the device and that the Apple AirPods are next in line.

Apple’s AirPods Reviews

CONSENSUS: The Apple AirPods work well and serve their function, but they’re more of a new toy for Siri than they are for music. They also look kind of silly.


“The AirPods have good battery life and great sound, and the integration with iOS can’t be beat, but if you listen to your music with third-party apps, Siri is only half as helpful as she could be.”

Digital Trends

“Simple and reliable, Apple’s AirPods are the best fully wireless earbuds.”


“AirPods look and feel just like those familiar EarPods – minus the cable – and their play-and-pause connectivity is so intelligently designed, it’s enough to bring back the “magical” descriptor.”


“Right now, you can get better-sounding wireless headphones for the same price or less. They’ll fit better, look better, work better. If you buy the AirPods you’re buying them for being really, ridiculously convenient, and not much else.”

The Verge

“For now, they seem like classic Apple design — simple, and well-integrated into the the iPhone experience.”

Note: The Verge did a first look video below, when the AirPods were originally scheduled for an October release but were delayed to the aforementioned dates.


“If you’re reading this, Apple, this was a solid first attempt. Don’t give up on the concept, because I believe future AirPods could be great.”


“They are really clever in terms of functionality and sound isolation for voice calls, whether you like the look of them or not.”

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