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In A Classic Andy Reid Botch, The Chiefs Coach’s Decison To Try To Ice The Kicker Backfires

andy reid

(Photo by Reed Hoffmann/Getty Images)

Andy Reid is a great football coach in certain respects, but when it comes to making in-game decisions, Kansas City’s head man is a punchline. 18 years into his head coaching career, Reid still screws up even easy decisions with regularity.

Today the former Eagles coach proved that all icing the kicker accomplishes is giving him a warmup kick. For some years now, all the advanced analysis of icing the kicker has shown it to be a pointless waste of time. But Reid tried it anyway while leading 17-16 with 1 second left, and of course the Titans kicker Ryan Succop nailed the mulligan on the 53-yarder after pushing the first attempt wide right.

Now, it’s not totally fair to totally single out Reid because plenty of other coaches still try to ice the kicker. And if it had worked out in his favor, Andy Reid would be being hailed for making such a smart move right now. But in the 0 degree and windy conditions, anyone with any logic would have realized that Succop’s first attempt would only help him to make the adjustments on his second try.

So let us enjoy the latest failed Andy Reid tactical decision. Because nothing unites Americans quite like laughing together at another Andy Reid botch.


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