WWE Roadblock: End Of The Line 2016: Predictions, Analysis, & Full Preview

WWE Roadblock Predictions


The superstars of WWE’s Raw brand are set to tear down the house in Pittsburgh for Sunday’s WWE Roadblock: End of the Line. These violent competitors will look to end the year on a high note and leave the PPG Paints Arena victoriously. But who will win and who will lose? Will Roman Reigns dethrone the loudmouth Kevin Owens? And if that happens, will the audience riot? WWE is a strange place, where the bad guys are often cheered and one certain good guy almost always get his ass booed out of the arena (I’m looking at you, Roman). But the under-card looks to be promising as well with cruiserweight action, more antics from Y2J, and the first-ever “iron woman” match between Charlotte and Raw’s Women’s Champion Sasha Banks. Get ready to rumble this Sunday night.

Look out for a high-flying extravaganza with a triple threat match between Cruiserweight Champion Rich Swann against two former champions in the form of TJ Perkins and Brian Kendrick. We will also have a modern day “David vs. Goliath” story in the form of the “underdog from the underground” Sami Zayn putting his very body on the line against the imposing bone-crusher known as Braun Strowman. And who could forget The New Day? Seriously, those guys are awesome. They’ll be eating plenty of Booty-Os cereal to prepare for their match against Cesaro and Sheamus. And will Chris Jericho finally get retribution after taking all those pedigrees from Y2J? Will Sasha silence Charlotte for good? And will the WWE throw their top title on the most hated “good guy” of all time again? Oh, yeah, he isn’t “a good guy” or “a bad guy,” he’s “the guy.” But then again, Raw is still the Kevin Owens Show.

Time to take a look into the crystal ball of predictions for WWE Roadblock: End of the Line

WWE Roadblock: End of the Line 2016 Viewing Details

Date: Sunday, December 18, 2016
Time: 7:00 P.M. EST/ 4:00 P.M. PST
TV Channel: WWE Network / Pay-Per-View
Location: PPG Paints Arena, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Main Event: Kevin Owens (c) vs. Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship

Kevin Owens (c) vs. Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship



Kevin Owens will be putting up a lot more than the big red strap on the line in this one. Owens will be putting his pride on the line. He wants to end the year as WWE Universal Champion, but will Roman Reigns let him? He just might. Reigns has been on a hot streak and has no real competition in Raw’s mid card division. Roman is still a huge star, and WWE definitely wants to capitalize on that as much as they can. The Guy may just claim that big red belt.

But what if Roman Reigns wins? He’d get booed out of the building. WWE would be going back in time to last year when they had enough faith in Reigns to give him the top title. WWE needs to be going forward, not turning back to past plans. Owens has been on his own hot streak as well. Kevin is one of WWE’s most entertaining champions in a long time. He’s very charismatic, athletic for his size, and the fans seem to dig this guy despite him being a bad guy. It seems like they despise The Guy and cheer our current Universal Champion like he’s some kind of good guy. WWE shouldn’t end the year repeating past mistakes. He’ll just have to learn to make due with the United States Championship. That secondary title is becoming more and more irrelevant. Reigns needs a credible challenger for that title, and Owens needs to move onto a feud with his former best friend Y2J.

Prediction: Kevin Owens retains the WWE Universal Championship after defeating Roman Reigns

Sasha Banks (c) vs. Charlotte for the WWE Raw Women’s Champion in a 30-minute Iron Man Match



Here is a match that might end up closing the show. Charlotte and Sasha Banks have been feuding since the summer, and this particular showdown looks to be the blowout match between the two. It’s a little weird that they didn’t change the name to the “Iron Woman” match for this occasion. But either way, this match is shaping up to be a modern day classic. Expect a lot of drama and intensity in this contest. Charlotte will be a she-beast hungry to bring the gold back home. Meanwhile, Sasha Banks will be a strong and defiant champion and will stomp down on any opponent trying to capture her red and white sparkling championship. This one will be a close call, as both women are as tough as iron.

Can Charlotte conquer “The Boss”? Or will Sasha strike down Charlotte and end the feud for good? Over the space of several months, Sasha Banks became a three-time WWE Raw Women’s Champion, as she traded the title back and forth with Charlotte. The WWE can’t keep playing hot potato with their Raw Women’s Championship, that only devalues the gold. That means this match will need to go to The Boss.

Prediction: Sasha Banks retains the WWE Raw Women’s Championship after defeating Charlotte

Seth Rollins vs. Chris Jericho



Y2J and Seth Rollins are once again at each others’ throats. Rollins wants to take out Y2J once and for all and finally move onto seeking vengeance against Triple H. But Jericho is no pushover, he’ll be putting up one hell of a fight to shut up Seth for good. Both men are highly accomplished in-ring technicians. Each competitor will leave it all in the ring this Sunday night. But who will come out on top?

I’d expect another failed attempt by Kevin Owens to get involved in this match. They need to keep Rollins strong so that he can be a credible threat to win the Royal Rumble match next month. Meanwhile, Owens once again costing Y2J a match will just build tensions between these two to a boiling point. Expect Jericho and Owens feud to go into WrestleMania 33 with or without the WWE Universal Championship up for grabs.

Prediction: Seth Rollins defeats Chris Jericho

The New Day (c) vs. Cesaro & Sheamus for the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship



The New Day are the longest reigning tag team champions in the history of WWE. And now, they’re up for a big challenge when the tandem of Sheamus & Cesaro is looking to knock off this highly-decorated trio. The New Day is currently the most charismatic force in the WWE. Do Cesaro & Sheamus have enough strength to put down such vibrant charisma and talent? And will they be the ones who finally end the reign of the longest reigning tag team champions of all time? Or will WWE’s resident unicorns pull off a victory of mythic proportions?

Last Monday, The New Day defeated Demolition’s record for longest reigning champions. But if they outlast Sheamus & Cesaro, they will extend their prestigious reign. And if they hold onto the straps until the end of the year then they will be champions for over 500 days. That 500-day mark is a significant achievement in and of itself. And doesn’t everybody want to see The New Day show up at the WWE New Year’s Eve party with the tag team gold over their shoulders? This match goes to The New Day, baeeebbbyyyy!

Prediction: The New Days retains the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship after defeating Cesaro & Sheamus

Rich Swann (c) vs. Brian Kendrick vs. TJ Perkins for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship



Expect this match to be a fast-paced, thrill-seeking contest between three of the best wrestlers on the planet. The Cruiserweight division may be a bit of an afterthought on Monday Night Raw, but on Sunday night, they’ll show why this division is one to watch. I predict this match to be a wrestling clinic that will be on fan’s minds long after the bell rings. But who will come out of this match as the WWE Cruiserweight Champion?

Much like the WWE Raw Women’s Championship, WWE can’t keep playing hot potato with their Cruiserweight gold. Rich Swann is still new to many people, and they can’t just give him a throw-away title reign. That hurts Swann, but hurts the division even more. Kendrick and Perkins are already built up as faces of the division, but they’ll also need to shine because it’s been a lackluster entity on Monday nights. Even though Kendrick and Perkins have been battling each other quite a bit lately, it’d be interesting to see more drama between these two after the conclusion of this match. Meanwhile, WWE will need to promote more fresh faces in their Cruiserweight division for people to actually pay attention to those high-flying and mat-based little guys.

Prediction: Rich Swann retains the WWE Cruiserweight Championship after defeating TJ Perkins and Brian Kendrick

Sami Zayn vs. Braun Strowman



Here is another take on the “David vs. Goliath” story. Sami Zayn seems to be taking on an impossible task. He’ll be attempting to overcome a mountain of a man in the form of Braun Strowman. Sami has so many doubters from Mick Foley to many in the crowd who think that the “underdog of the underground” simply cannot pull off a victory against this monster. But they are still many fans out there will believe in the little guy in his fight against insurmountable odds.

But who will come out on top? I expect Strowman to dominant a decent portion of the match. But Sami is a tough guy, he can take what Strowman dishes out. And I’m certain that Sami will make a strong comeback and rattle the big man. But Strowman’s strength will make the fans cringe and he will nearly decimate Zayn. However, I expect a shock victory by Sami when we least expect it. Believe in the underdog!

Prediction: Sami Zayn defeats Braun Strowman

Kickoff Match: Rusev vs. Big Cass



Expect a hard-hitting brawl for WWE’s kickoff show. They’ll want to draw in fans for Roadblock, so expect this one to be highly entertaining. Cass will be looking for revenge after Rusev messed up his boy Enzo Amore in a hotel room. And Rusev will be looking to defend the honor of his wife, as the team of Enzo & Cass haven’t been too considerate of Rusev’s marriage vows (especially Enzo). But who will win? I expect several near falls, but ultimately, a win by Big Cass will prolong the feud and provide a measure of retribution for the tandem of Enzo & Cass.

Prediction: Big Cass defeats Rusev

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