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WATCH: CeeLo Green’s Phone Blows Up In His Face



A video is currently going viral of CeeLo Green having a little bit of cell phone trouble in a recording studio. While working on some new jams, Green’s phone blows up in his face and knocks him to the ground.

First things first, if I had to bet on this video being real, I’d wager that it was fake. Nobody has heard from CeeLo’s camp regarding the incident, and the whole thing just seems fishy to me. It appears way too contrived and that has my spidey senses for bullshit tingling. Plus, the goddamn TVs are showing the ending to The Usual Suspects, which is a major red flag.

I thought about not posting the video at all given its dubious legitimacy, but the video has been featured on a million other sites and it’s already quite literally blowing up. Samsung was even briefly the number one trending topic on Twitter, as many people were assuming that it was a Galaxy S7 that almost blew CeeLo’s ass to smithereens.

Even though I think it’s all a hoax, I still laugh hysterically watching CeeLo fall off his chair like that. He might have the funniest body type in the history of recorded music.

But if this video is actually real and CeeLo is truly hurt, let me apologize in advance. Get well soon, big man. And here’s a hearty “F*ck You” to that diabolical cell phone.

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