Anastasia Tsirenschikova: Hottest Photos of Russian Tax Scammer

Anastasia Tsirenschikova is a 22-year-old from Moscow, Russia. She studied economics at the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, but when she wasn’t hitting the books, she was helping run a massive tax haven scam. Anastasia was raking in money like crazy, and she loved to show off her glamorous lifestyle by posting sexy pictures to Instagram. While I deeply appreciate Anastasia’s commitment to flaunting her goods, her social media presence ultimately lead to her downfall.
Via International Business Times:

After Russian police reportedly saw her glitzy pictures, she was arrested, along with five others, for allegedly moving ₽9bn (£120,000m; $145,000m) out of the country and into overseas tax havens.
Tsirenschikova, of Moscow, is accused of being second-in-command to gang leader Mikhail Gomma – a former employee of the Credit-Moscow bank.
Tsirenschikova, Gomma, a Panamanian man named as Ortis A, 25, and two other businessmen, aged 29 and 47 whose names have not been disclosed, allegedly helped thousands of businessmen illegally move funds overseas, according to Russian media.

It’s believed they charged a 2.5% commission for their services, which would have earned them roughly $3.6 million. Anastasia was arrested for illegal banking activities, and she will be placed under house arrest until February 2017.
Even though that’s what got Anastasia busted in the first place, let’s hope the boredom of house arrest will cause her to post some more top-notch photos to Instagram. You can never have too many pictures of a fine ass international criminal.

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