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WATCH: Chrissy Teigen Does Aerobics For ‘LOVE’ Magazine

LOVE Magazine's Instagram

LOVE Magazine’s Instagram

For Day 16 of LOVE Magazine’s Advent Calendar, model Chrissy Teigen threw on a sexy leotard and dominated a strenuous aerobics session. It was very similar to Bella Hadid’s video from Day 1, but that is most definitely not a bad thing. Watch Chrissy work on her fitness in the video below.

Rewarding yourself with french fries for doing push-ups might revolutionize exercising as we know it. I think Chrissy finally cracked the code to get my lazy ass into a gym for the first time since Obama was sworn into office.

But enough about the sad state of my body, that video was spectacular. The 31-year-old clearly hasn’t lost her fastball. Chrissy had her first child in April of this year, and she still looks as gorgeous as ever. If you don’t believe me, compare and contract Chrissy’s Advent video to some of our older posts on her. As her co-host on Lip Sync Battle would say, “Don’t call it a comeback!”

And because it’s better to give than to receive, here are some more videos from LOVE’s Advent Calendar. ‘Tis the season!

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