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New ‘Uncharted 4’ Co-op DLC Is Out Today And It’s Free



Remember Uncharted? Remember the games in which enemies would flood the area after solving a ruin-based puzzle? I ‘memba. Well, not only did those memorable moments get a massive upgrade in Uncharted 4‘s new co-op mode, but Naughty Dog recently made the announcement that this new content, titled “Survival,” is free to play. That’s right free DLC. Maybe 2016 isn’t so bad after all.

“Survival” features up two new maps, including the iconic trainwreck location from Uncharted 2. Players can choose to partner up or go solo against a 50-wave shoot-out of enemies, each one followed by a boss battle against an undead pirate of Captain Avery’s crew. Those familiar with the main story of Uncharted 4 will recognize some pirate names, but might not understand why they start using magic.

What’s Included In “Survival Mode”¬†Free DLC?

  • Five different objectives: Survival (eliminate all enemies), Siege (kill enemies from a specific location), Treasure Race (find and collect specific listed treasures), Marked Man (eliminate a certain target), and Boss Waves (eliminate pirate ghosts).
  • Each pirate boss gets a cinematic preview.
  • New skins.
  • New weapons. Classic and New including a heavy type weapon.
  • Two new maps. Trainwreck and Prison
  • 10 new levels. (For Multiplayer)
COED Writer