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College Basketball Picks: Odds, Spreads & Betting Tips For Week 4

College Basketball Picks Week 4

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Another week, another list of winners. After going 1-2 on Friday, I bounced back nicely to go 2-0 with my Saturday picks, including hitting my Lock of the Week. Now before I get to my picks, I know that things could get kind of ugly for me this week. All of the good college basketball games are on Saturday, but the spreads for those games don’t come out until Saturday, so I’m stuck betting on shitty Friday games with teams I’ve never heard of before. Regardless, I don’t make excuses, I’m here to give you guys winners. I was dealt a bad hand with the games tonight, but I thrive when my back is against the wall and everyone counts me out… just kidding, I curl up in a ball and panic when the littlest of things goes wrong. Anyways, here are tonight’s winners:

Miami -20.5 vs Florida Atlantic – Lock of the Week

Miami vs Florida Atlantic Picks

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I’m making this my Lock of the Week mostly because I haven’t heard of a majority of the teams playing tonight, so this is not the best start to my picks. Miami is 7-2 on the year, and they are coming off a Sweet 16 appearance from last year. I couldn’t tell you a damn thing about Florida Atlantic, other than that they seem like a team that kind of stinks at sports. Take The U, and pray to God they cover.

Oregon State +5.5 vs Long Beach State

Oregon State vs Long Beach State Picks

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The two of these teams are a combined 5-17 on the season, so yeah this is a great game to bet on. I’m going with Oregon State because they’re coming off an NCAA Tournament appearance last year so they can play a little bit, but mostly because they’re named the Beavers, and that’s awesome. Beaver Nation, let’s go.

Drexel +3.5 @ Rider

Drexel vs Rider Picks

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I wanted to take Rider here, but I couldn’t find any pictures of their team to use, so I have no other choice but to take Drexel. Is that the best way for me to make my picks? No, no it’s not, but the more I write about this pick, the more I love Drexel here. Road warriors who nobody believes in. Screw the haters, let’s do this. Also I just saw that Drexel’s team name is the Dragons, and there’s no chance a team named the Dragons is going to lose (not cover).

South Alabama -2.5 vs Samford

South Alabama vs Samford Picks

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South Alabama is currently riding a three-game losing streak, but I love them in this spot. Okay, I don’t actually love them because the who hell could ever love a South Alabama basketball game, but I needed a game to pick and this was one of the first games I saw. South Alabama ends the losing streak tonight, and puts money in all of our pockets. ‘Tis the season.

Portland -3.5 vs South Dakota

Portland vs South Dakota Picks

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Finally, we’ve reached the end of my picks from hell. Why am I taking Portland you ask? Good question, here’s my answer: I have no idea. All of these games suck ass, but I have to pick five games, and this is one of my winners. If I have to give you a rational thought as to why I’m taking them, it’s because I like that they’re the home team, and they’ve played pretty well on their home court this year. I may have made that up, but can you blame me? I’m betting on a freaking Portland vs. South Dakota State game for gods sake.

I can see these picks going any of two ways. The first one being I go 0-5, which is the most likely of scenarios, or I fall ass backward and luck out going 2-3. Either way both of the outcomes suck, so I encourage you to go against me with all of these picks. Pray for my bank account because it’s going to take a pretty big hit this weekend with all of these bad picks, not to mention the fact that I still need to do my Christmas shopping. Should be a good time.

Record on the season: 7-3

Locks of the Week: 2-0

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