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Be The First To Play ‘Super Mario Run’ On iOS

Super Mario Run Release Date

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Super Mario Run has now officially been released and is available for download.

Nintendo’s first foray into the iPhone space will drop today in the form of Super Mario Run for iOS. Briefly shown on Jimmy Fallon last week, iPhone users will soon be able to take control of their favorite Nintendo mascot for his newest adventure.

Game: Super Mario Run
Platform: iOS
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo EPD
Release Date: December 15, 2017

When will Super Mario Run release?

Although the release is upon us, there has been no word from Apple or Nintendo as to what time the new game will be released today. Many believe Super Mario Run will go live by 1 p.m. as that is when updates to Apple’s operating system generally roll out.

According to Mic, the app’s release time is ultimately up to the discretion of Apple. The review embargo ends at 10:00 A.M. this morning and the reviews¬†have already begun to trickle in.

iTunes Sales Figures

As Nintendo’s first game on a third party system, it will be interesting to see if they meet their projected sales figures. With a $10 asking price, it’s a pretty steep price for an iOS app. That said, compared to Nintendo’s previous¬†games, it would actually be a budget title from the brand. I’m sure there are enough iPhones out there to meet Nintendo’s sales expectations.

Super Mario Run releases December 15, 2016 for iOS devices.

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