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WATCH: It Definitely Looks Like These Two Rockets Fans Got Caught Cheating

patrick d. starr's Twitter

patrick d. starr’s Twitter

At last night’s game at the Toyota Center between the Sacramento Kings and Houston Rockets, it looked like a TV camera caught two people sneaking around. The Rockets beat the hell out of the Kings 132-98, but somebody had to have taken an even bigger L when their significant other saw the damning footage.

Watch the pair get busted for their creeping ways.

What a couple of jackasses. If you’re going to cheat, going to a place with 20,000 other people and a bunch of TV cameras is the absolute last place you want to be. You might as well broadcast your dates on Facebook Live if you’re going to pull such an amateur hour move.

To keep your side relationship on the down-low, you gotta keep your rendezvous restricted to the confines of your homes. The hermit crab life is the only way your infidelity has a chance to remain private.

Even though their decision to attend an NBA game was idiotic, I did thoroughly enjoy their awkward escape attempt. Watching them scramble reminded me of when Black Bush got questioned about oil.

[h/t Busted Coverage]

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