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WATCH: Rugby Player Gets 3-Year Ban For Drilling Female Referee With Sickening Cheap Shot



Bruno Andres Doglioli plays for Vicenza in Italy’s Serie A rugby league, and he is a world-class dickhead. In a recent game against Valsugana, Doglioli totally blindsided referee Maria Beatrice Benvenuti. Watch the sickening cheap shot in the video below.

What a goddamn scumbag. Doglioli received a three-year ban from rugby for one of the most egregious displays of violence against an official that I’ve seen in a long time. Here’s ESPN with more:

During Vicenza’s match against Valsugana, Doglioli charged at the referee and knocked her to the ground. Reports claim Benvenuti, 23, suffered whiplash from the incident.

The FIR says in a statement it was a “deliberate act of violence” and has handed Doglioli the longest ban in the last two decades. It says Doglioli has failed to uphold the “founding values of our sport.”

If I called the shots in this rugby league, I’d have Doglioli get truck sticked once a day by this little badass for the entirety of this three-year ban. That might be the only way to get through to such a Neanderthal.

[h/t The Big Lead]

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