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UTennessee Demands Fraternity Remove Christmas Decorations, Declares War on Christmas


BYX University of Tennessee Christmas Decorations

Anyone who’s ever gone to a college campus during the holidays knows that fraternities love to decorate their houses with lights, ornaments, pledges, etc. Some fraternities just go through the motions, while others go all out, completely covering their homes in synchronized Christmas lights and reindeer.

The fraternity brothers of Upsilon Chi (BYX) at the University of Tennessee were no different. They were excited to take part in the annual tradition of decking out their house with Christmas decorations. So imagine their surprise when they got a letter from the university’s administration that their Christmas decorations and ornaments were against school rules. According to, UT created these rules because “The guidelines were created to ‘ensure your holiday party is not a Christmas party in disguise.'”

Now, full disclosure, BYX is a Christian fraternity. Their fraternity is founded on Christian principles and from what we can tell, a majority of the brothers attend church every Sunday while the rest of the school is out day-drinking. But the fact that they aren’t allowed to have motherf*cking Christmas decorations, an American tradition, on their own property is actually insane to me. How is this a thing?

Some of the brothers felt the same way, so they decided to take it up a notch: one of the fraternity brothers tweeted a photo of a sign under a Christmas tree that read “Come and take it.”

Sadly, that photo has since been removed, but we applaud their fight (if not short lived) for what should be a non-issue.

[We’re working on finding some pictures of the house, either before or after they got the letter. If you have one, send it our way via Twitter @COED]


I’m not even close to a “War on Christmas” guy, but I don’t understand how even the most politically correct of schools can tell me how Christmas decorations are offensive to anyone. It’s not like the Bible (which is fictional) told stories of Jesus murdering thousands of Jews or committing Muslim genocide. Christmas, taken at face value, is completely innocuous. It’s fun. I’d have no issue with AEPi posting up a big inflatable menorah outside of their house. What’s the big deal?

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