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Stone Cold Steve Austin Opens Up About His Illustrious Beer Chugging

Moses Robinson/Getty Images for Wendy's

Moses Robinson/Getty Images for Wendy’s

Everybody who watched WWE back in its Attitude glory days fondly remembers Stone Cold Steve Austin chugging beers in the ring to celebrate stomping a mudhole in somebody’s ass and walking it dry. In a recent episode of The Steve Austin Show, the Texas Rattlesnake talked with Mark Yeaton about how exactly those legendary beer chugging performances went down. Yeaton was a former WWE timekeeper and referee, and more importantly, he was lucky son of a bitch who got to toss Austin his beers.

Here’s Stone Cold verifying that the beer was real. Via Maxim:

“And a lot of people said ‘hey man, was that real beer?’ And I say yes, it was always real beer… except for the one time. We were in Montreal, I think it was Sunday, something like that. Whatever it was, or maybe it was against the rules of the building, but it was NA beer, non-alcohol. And so all of a sudden those pictures start making the rounds and people are thinking ‘oh they’re throwing this guy non-alcohol beer.’ … that was one time.”

Of course it was real beer. The matches may have been scripted, but you know damn well Stone Cold wasn’t going to drink O’doul’s like some sort of dweeb. This is the man who drove a beer truck to the ring for crying out loud!

Stone Cold also talked about getting a buzz in the ring and trying to get Goldberg bombed.

“I can’t tell you how many times I left the ring and I had a little bit of a buzz because of all the beers I was drinking. When you’re shotgunning anywhere from six to 12 beers, and maybe you get half of ‘em in. On an empty stomach, after you’ve wrestled, it goes to your head pretty quick.

There was a couple of times when I got to do a little bit of business with Goldberg and we got to do something after a match. I go out there and I keep tossing Bill beers, and this is back when Bill didn’t really drink beer. He had to drink ‘em to keep up his gimmick because Stone Cold throwing ‘em to him. And I’d always keep shoveling him beers to get him buzzed, basically it was a rib.” (Maxim)

Getting drunk on the job is the American dream, and I definitely believe that Austin would get tipsy in the ring. Even with all that spillage, that’s still a lot of beer in a very short time.

As for Goldberg, my favorite Austin chugging tactic was when he would appear to befriend somebody, then proceed to stunner the hell out of them. It never failed to whip the crowd into a frenzy.

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