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Updated: LSU Student Shot After Confronting Robber, Might Be Toughest SOB On Campus


LSU Student Shot

An LSU student living at the Place de Plantier Apartments on Lee Drive might have some of the biggest cojones on campus. While the yet-unnamed LSU student was entering his apartment, he found an intruder already inside. Rather than leave his apartment and call 911 (probably the safe/smart decision) the student decided to confront the intruder.

For his decision, the two of them got into a scuffle that ended when the student was shot in the arm. The suspect then allegedly fled the scene.

But here’s the best part of the story: When the ambulance and police finally arrived on the scene, the student allegedly refused assistance from the EMT. I’m not sure fighting an intruder and then refusing medical attention are the two smartest consecutive decisions someone’s ever made, but I’ll be damned if they aren’t the most manly.

All joking aside, we’re happy that this story didn’t end up a lot worse.

Update 12/15/2016–A member of the TigerDroppings forum added this photo of the victim. Apparently the user is the son of their kindergarten teacher or something. Honestly the wound looks pretty bad.


**We’ll update this story as it develops.**

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