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Google Daydream: Top 5 Best VR Games To Play Right Now

Google Daydream Games


It looks like VR is here to stay, especially now that Google has thrown its latest bit of tech into the fray. Daydream is the newest virtual reality platform for Android’s Nougat operating system. Announced back in May at the Google Development Conference, Google’s new VR headset and motion controller are getting the full VR treatment and, at the time this article was written, Daydream is the only mobile VR platform with motion control. While Google’s primary mobile VR competitor, Samsung, is working on motion controllers for its Gear VR headset, they are still unavailable for purchase.

With immersive VR and motion controllers come exciting games that take advantage of this new tech. Here is a list of some of the best games currently available on Google Daydream.


Publisher: Resolution Games
Developer: Resolution Games
Platforms: Google Daydream

Wonderglade’s value lies in its variety. Anyone who dons the Google Daydream headset and loads up Wonderglade will be transported to a magical carnival where they can take part in a myriad of different carnival-style games. From racing around a track using the tilt of the motion controllers to firing water cannons into burning buildings to extinguish a fire, Wonderglade keeps things interesting by allowing players to jump from activity to activity. Did I mention it has minigolf?

VR Karts: Sprint

Publisher: Viewpoint Games Ltd
Developer: Viewpoint Games Ltd
Platforms: Google Daydream, Samsung Gear VR

If the “K” in “Karts” didn’t tip you off, VR Karts: Sprint is attempting to capture the fun and colorful macabre of Mario Kart within the first-person perspective of the Google Daydream. Karts features power-ups, weapons, and multiplayer, and while the speed of the game’s carts leaves much to be desired, this fun little racing game definitely proves there is room for high-speed action on VR.

Gunjack: End of Shift

Publisher: CCP Games
Developer: CCP Games
Platforms: Google Daydream

Virtual reality is completely revitalizing the space combat simulator. Enamored with games like Wing Commander and Decent: Freespace, I am ecstatic to see this genre rise from the ashes of the ’90s and make its way into contemporary game lineups. With Eve: Valkyrie’s warm reception when the Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR were released, it is nice to see that the Google Daydream followed suit with another space combat sim. Gunjack: End of Shift lets you blast your way across the galaxy using the Daydream’s well-dialed motion controls.

Underworld Overlord

Publisher: OtherSide Entertainment
Developer: OtherSide Entertainment
Platforms: Google Daydream

Mobile gaming is nothing without a good tower defense game. Underworld Overlord puts you at the helm of an underground dungeon tasked with repelling hoards of heroes and do-gooders. The virtual reality perspective works well for making a player feel more as though they are tinkering with a toy set rather than playing a video game. Setting up traps, casting spells, and sending monsters to do your bidding are just a few of the actions available to a master of the underworld.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Publisher: Steel Crate Games
Developer: Steel Crate Games
Platforms: Google Daydream, Playstation VR, Samsung Gear VR

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is the intense, team-based bomb defusal game you never knew  you needed. The goal is simple: defuse the bomb and don’t blow up. The difficulty is in the teamwork. One player reads and describes instructions on how to disable the explosive device while another player must take action and complete the method. The game is decidedly nerve wracking and coupling it with VR was a brilliant move to add even more immersion into an already sweat-inducing game. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes has been out on other platforms for quite a while now, but the Google Daydream experience packs even more tense action than before.

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