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Gina Rodriguez: 22 Hottest Photos Of The Star From ‘Jane the Virgin’



Jane the Virgin may be saving herself for marriage, but Gina Rodriguez isn’t shy to share her beauty with everyone around the world. Gina stars in the CW comedy-drama series Jane the Virgin, a hard-working lady in her twenties that accidentally got pregnant during a doctor’s visit. It’s not your typical doctor’s appoint when you come home carrying another man’s child. That’s a bit odd. Anyway, I’ve compiled the 22 hottest photos of this young Chicago-born starlet, and there’s nothing strange about that!

Gina Rodriguez has had numerous roles in television and movies, resulting in many different nominations and awards (mostly involving her work in Jane the Virgin). She won the rising star of the year award in two consecutive years for two different organizations. She also can sing and received a 2011 Imagen Awards nomination for her role in the musical film Go For It. Gina is also a philanthropist and joined groups to help Hispanic students receive scholarships and fight against bullying. Getting a college education was one of her family’s top priorities for their daughter while growing up. She’ll live to give back to the world to help make sure other young Latinos receive funding for college. Rodriguez has also partnered with Naja, a lingerie line that primarily employs single mothers. The company’s savings go towards very benevolent purposes, as the money goes towards school books, lunches and uniforms for the employee’s children. Naja also designs lingerie for women of all shapes and sizes.

Gina says in her interview with InStyle says, “I wear lingerie to feel good about myself, to use my body as a hanger for something beautiful. Every girl, no matter her sexuality, economic background, demographic background, wants to look in the mirror and love herself first.”

Ms. Rodriguez is clearly very talented and accomplished. She is also very beautiful and caring to others. She has beauty on the inside and out. But for now, look below to see sizzling hot photos of this prime-time beauty.

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