Shout Out To This Dude For Standing Up For Short Dudes Everywhere With This Savage Tinder Response

I’ll be straight up, I am by no means a short dude. I’m six feet tall and you can bet your ass I appreciate my height every day. I know a bunch of short dudes who, if they could change one thing about themselves, would make themselves taller. It’s a brutal world out there for the little dudes, so I feel for them. Their potential wife market gets slashed by AT LEAST 50% upon first meeting. Shit’s brutal.

Anyway, that’s why I respect the hell out of this dude for taking a steamer all over this chick’s face. The whole double standard about men being pigs for judging women by weight, but no one batting an eyelash when a chick judges a dude for being short is straight up bullshit. While I may not be one of you, I ride with my short homies. Now, am I saying I’m gonna go out and f*ck a fat chick this weekend? Well, maybe. It’s always a possibility, ya know? We’ve all been there. Especially considering that I’m going to be at Hoboken Santa Con and I may actually find myself… Wait. I’m getting off topic. My point was that I’m not gonna go out and start dating fat chicks. And I have no problem with chicks cold-shouldering all the short dudes of the world. That’s their right. Just stop acting like we’re such monsters for it.

You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig. We’re all pigs, we just have to admit it. Besides, you know what they say about those who live in glass houses.


[h/t Brobible]

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