In The Most Unsurprising News Of The Year, Studies Show Men Overestimate The Size Of Their Penis

Yeah, I mean, no shit. Men overestimate essentially everything in their lives. Ever heard us say something like ‘Yo that was the craziest play I’ve ever seen!’ or ‘yo that’s the hottest girl I’ve ever seen,’ or ‘yeah, he was bigger than me, but I kicked his ass,’? Like how women are wired to overreact, overestimation and exaggeration are in our genetic code. So, it’s only natural that men are going to overestimate maybe the most important thing in their lives: the size of their johnson.

According to real-life data found through an actual study, Lukas, a tech blogger and data enthusiast, found that across the world, men probably can’t be relied on when it came to estimating their own penis size. His study found that the men tested were all biased in telling researchers that their trouser dragon was bigger than it actually was, however, it’s unclear whether that was to try to impress the scientists or because they really believed it.

Using data to compile the results of penis size studies, Kukas plotted the answers that men gave compared to what the researchers’ studies found. According to the analysis, men were overestimating their penises by up almost an inch on average.

The green shows what researchers recorded, while the orange shows what men claimed.

This study pretty much sums up men entirely: Just a bunch of tiny-penis-having, overexaggerating liars.

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