The Memes Of Trump & Kanye Are A Nice Distraction From How Horrifying Their Meeting Actually Was

I truly pray that they’re both just master trolls. If so, I’ll have massive respect for them. Playing the American public for a bunch of morons is one of my favorite pastimes. Even if I hate these guys, you have to respect a good troll job, and this would be the greatest of all time. But if this is serious, if they were actually discussing something of importance, if Trump was actually asking Kanye for his opinions… Jesus, take the wheel.

We’re talking about the upcoming leader of the free world, who says he’s such ‘like, a smart guy’ that he doesn’t need daily intelligence briefings, but he has time to meet with a narcissistic, paranoid, legitimately fresh-out-of-the-looney-bin rapper? Genuinely horrifying decision making.

I’m torn on this because as a blogger whose job it is to entertain, Trump and Kanye being homies is content gold. The headlines write themselves. But as a basic human being who values the well-being of our country, gotta admit, I’m shitting in my pants a little bit over this one. Too Twilight Zone-y for me.

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