Chris Pratt & Nick Offerman Are Just Like Us, Send Each Other Pictures Of Their Poop

Wow, this warms my heart. Two of the most likable dudes in Hollywood, Christ Pratt and Nick Offerman, starred together on a little show called Parks & Recreation (ever heard of it?). And even though Parks & Rec wrapped up in 2015, the two remain friends to this day. In fact, they’re so tight, they do something that essentially every tight group of friends does: send each other pictures of their shit.

If you’re a lady reading this, I’ve got some bad news for you: Sending each other pictures of our poop is one of the greatest male pastimes there is. And even a dude like Chris Pratt, who has all of the looks and talent and money and opportunities in the world, still giggles when he sends his boys pictures of his shit. And if he’s still doing it, your bet your ass the rest of us will.

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