Best Universities In USA: Top 5 Best Colleges In Vermont

After graduating college this past summer there has been only one thing on my mind… Why did I ever leave college? Yeah, I graduated and all, but man, I would do some pretty horrible things to go back and do it all over again. College is supposed to be one of the best times of your life, and I can say with confidence that it definitely was for me. From using any excuse to get absolutely plastered to drunkenly hooking up with your classmates, college was a blast. You also learn a thing or two from your classes, so don’t think I went to college just for partying. Obviously, everybody that goes to college will have a different experience. Many people apply for a variety of reasons.

That’s why I’m creating this post: to help anybody that needs some help clarifying their college decision. You’re welcome. I’m going to be ranking the top five colleges within the great state of Vermont.

Castleton University

Sports: 7
Parties: 4
Location: 3
Academics: 8
Acceptance Rate: 92%
Average Tuition: $16,168/year

A friend of mine went to this college and I ended up visiting him one random weekend. I went because my roommates were already planning to visit their buds that went there, so I was like, “Why the hell not?” Well, I figured out exactly why not. We were planning to go to this party, but it got shut down before we even got there. We ended up staying at my buddy’s place and got plastered, which is always fun. As far as their sports programs go, Castleton plays within the NCAA Division III and they have football, which you can never hate on. In terms of academics, Castleton scored very high because of the quality of professors that they employ and because they have a good nursing program as well. As for location, well… If you like being in the middle of nowhere, you’ll love Castleton.

Middlebury College

Sports: 7
Parties: 7
Location: 6
Academics: 9
Acceptance Rate: 17%
Average Tuition: $20,903

Middlebury is a really good school when it comes to academics. It has the lowest acceptance rate out of all of the schools on this list, with only 17%, which means this place is no slouch. Kind of a good thing if you want to be surrounded by smart individuals, but bad because those people could perhaps be snobs, and how do I know, you may ask? Well, I had a professor who went here and he would just not stop talking about how much better Middlebury was than the school he was working at. It’s like, come on bro, you still can’t stop talking about it? I guess that means it must be a pretty good school but I’m deducting points just because of that dude. The location isn’t too ideal because while it’s not too far away, Burlington is really the only city in Vermont you want to be in because it has everything. Middlebury is kind of a quaint little city so if you like that then this is your place to be. I’ve always heard the parties were fun, just your usual house parties and frat parties. Sports are good, as they play Division III football, so there are always some games to watch against some pretty good competition.

Champlain College

Sports: 0
Parties: 6
Location: 10
Academics: 7
Acceptance Rate: 64%
Average Tuition: $33,173

I had a good amount of friends that went here and there was always one thing that they would say about it: “You can’t complain about Champlain.” How cool of a saying is that? They were right. There’s not too much you can complain about Champlain College. The school had very good academic programs in graphic design and its campus is right near downtown Burlington, while still being pretty close to UVM’s campus, so you can bet that there will be some good parties to go to. However, the one HUGE thing I have a problem with is that this school has no sports whatsoever. It’s a small private college so that’s understandable. One thing that I did like about Champlain was that whenever I walked through the campus, I saw kids LARPing (live action role-playing), which actually looked pretty fun. I was just always too sober to join them.

Saint Michael’s College

Sports: 9
Parties: 9
Location: 8
Academics: 7
Acceptance Rate: 80%
Average Tuition: $46,300

Saint Michael’s College is a great school with great people. They play in Division II, they have a good basketball program, and their academics are good. They have an excellent business program. The campus itself looks really cool, which I know because I had to deliver food there a couple of times. The location is a little bit of a knock because Winooski isn’t bad, but it ain’t no Burlington, that’s for sure. It’s also kind of far from the downtown area but it’s nothing a short bus ride or Uber can’t fix. Now, as for the parties, they are pretty dope from what I’ve heard. From huge gatherings in open fields to huge house parties, Saint Mike’s knows how to throw down. Also, just a funny thing I want to point out is how literally all the dudes wear basketball jerseys over their sweatshirts. It’s never a theme for a party, but that’s just what they wear. So if you like that then you will definitely like this school.

University of Vermont

Sports: 9
Parties: 9
Location: 10
Academics: 8
Acceptance Rate: 73%
Average Tuition: $44,000

Ah, the ole’ alma mater. Groovy Uvy. What can I say that hasn’t already been said about the best school in Vermont? Great location, I mean Burlington is just an amazing city. Speaking from experience, the parties were always dope, whether they were frat parties or house parties, they were always a blast. They also have great academic programs here, from the environmental sciences to their business programs, UVM has it all for whatever you want to study. Last but certainly not least are the sports. They are Division I, so you will always hear of some huge games whether it’s the basketball or hockey program. UVM is the top dog in Vermont and I can guarantee you will love every moment of it if go here.

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