18 Photos That Prove Cleavage Is Definitely Not Dead

What’s wrong with Vogue? They must be nuts! Apparently, the magazine told their readers that cleavage is out and flat chests are now officially in. But don’t fret, busty vixens, you still have a home here! The millennials are partially to blame for this flattening trend, since they seem to prefer comfort when it comes to their undergarments. If there’s one thing that pisses you off about the millennial generation, this should be it (just kidding). But there’s one thing we need to agree on: Busty lives do matter.

Cleavage is something that will never go out of style. Obviously, Vogue wasn’t paying attention to the internet traffic regarding “cleavage.” Busty is also very popular in search engines. The people of the internet have spoken. I guess Vogue may be a little off (this is an understatement). Maybe the folks at Vogue should research their stuff more!

Just look below to see why Vogue is dead wrong about cleavage…

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abigail emily-1 scarlett

emily samantha bella

rachel sahara gigi

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charlotte alexandra kylie

kelly paige paulina

kate lindsey salma

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