WATCH: ‘Workaholics’ Season 7 Trailer #1 Official Video

“When you guys started here seven years ago, this was all kind of cute. You’re old as f*ck now.” Amen. A-f*cking-men.

Via Vulture:

Adam, Blake, and Ders are back for one final season of Workaholics, complete with some friend-group rivalry and a knockoff Coachella. In these last 10 episodes, the gang faces off with a new group of trainees to nab the title of reigning office pranksters. They’ve got to make use of all TelAmericCorp has to offer before they go off air, so this season includes the company’s beachside property reimagined as a DIY music festival. The regular co-stars — Jilian Bell, Maribeth Monroe, Erik Griffin, and Kyle Newacheck — will make their final appearances, while Nina Dobrev and Dennis Quaid will also make guest appearances

The final season of Workaholics premieres Wednesday, January 11, 2017.

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