WATCH: Christmas Tree Fire Rips Through Room In Less Than A Minute

Watch this homemade video, in which the Fire Kills Campaign addresses the devastation of what malfunctioning Christmas lights can really do to a victim’s home. It’s pretty scary stuff.

Not even 40 seconds in and the fire fully engulfs the room.

Wow, this footage really hits home. This taping is meant to terrify you and it does just that. The fire rushing throughout the room as “Silent Night” illuminates your ears is actually quite chilling.

Listen, I know I’m no fire marshall, but here are a few precautions you can take so you don’t wind up with a sequel to this video:

  • If your tree is real, make sure you water it daily.
  • When you go to bed, shut your tree OFF.
  • When you leave the house, even for a minute, shut your tree OFF.
  • Make sure you don’t overlap the light wires.
  • Give your tree a break by having a timer set for increments of 40 minutes.

For more tips on preventing this from happening to your home, please click here.

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