Triple H Says Donald Trump Actually Thought Vince McMahon’s WWE Death Was Real

Ooooph. Bad look for the Donald. Even when I was a youngin’, still watching the WWE, I knew it was fake. And even if I wasn’t quite woke to the actual wrestling being fake, I sure as hell knew WWE Chairman Vince McMahon getting blown up in the back of a limousine was fake. However, according to Triple H, that one went right over the President-elect’s head. Guy is expected to negotiate international trade deals and treaties but he can’t wrap his head around a televised car explosion being scripted. Greeeaaatttt.

The whole three-minute video is excellent (just shows how truly wild the glory days of the WWE were), but if you want to hear the bit about Trump, just skip to like 2:45. And if you don’t feel like watching the video, here’s the only quote you need:

Triple H: [The next day] Trump called and was like ‘Did something happen to Vince?’

But hey, Trump’s a smart guy. At least according to himself he his. That’s why he skips his daily intelligence briefings. Time for Kanye West? Sure. But intelligence briefings? Nuh-uh. Waste of time.

And for those who weren’t prepubescent boys in the 2000s and don’t know what fake death Triple H is talking about, here it is (keep in mind, Trump thought this was real):

And for a something a little less depressing/horrifying than the leader of the free world not comprehending something most 10-year-olds understand, here is a gallery of WWE Diva in their Halloween costumes:

[h/t NY Daily News]

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