Here Are The ‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ Reviews You Can Read Without Any Spoilers

So Star Wars: Rogue One (or Rogue One: A Star Wars Story as its officially called) releases this weekend and the review embargo has been officially lifted. Like many other Star Wars fans, I’m trying as hard as possible to avoid any/all spoilers that have not already been revealed by the actors, which makes finding and reading the right reviews kind of tricky. We want to know whether or not it’s good, but it’s equally important that little plot information is given away.

Disney and Lucasfilms have done such a great job at keeping things secret and behind closed doors that during a trip we took to the London set of Star Wars: Rogue One earlier this fall, almost nothing was learned about the plot or anything really. And that’s how it should be! I still remember angrily reading Twitter just one day before the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and reading the big spoiler that someone had tagged us in. It was infuriating. I must admit that I reported them.

Anyways, now you know where we stand on spoilers (at least in this article). So with that being said, we’ve pulled together a couple of reviews from sites who’ve promised not to spoil anything. Trust me, it’s a task that’s harder than it seems. I’ve read far too much about the movie you probably would care to leave to surprise.

**(Also, a special shoutout to one coworker who was convinced that Rogue One was under embargo because it sucked, not because of the magic and power that Star Wars has over their fans. I am very, very happy to say that at the moment, the movie is getting good reviews.)**

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Reviews

Mashable: “Episode V is widely considered the best of the franchise, consistently winning the most critical acclaim. One recent poll of 250,000 film lovers in Empire Magazine went so far as to name it the best movie of all time, period…

So I do not say this lightly. The best possible tribute I can pay to Gareth Edwards, and the writer team of Chris Weitz and Gary Whitta, is this: it is actually legitimate to ask whether Rogue One is as good a movie as Empire Strikes Back. (And I don’t have an answer for that just yet either.)”

Business Insider: “Playing like a war movie in which you know most of the characters aren’t going to make it out alive, Rogue One is satisfying because everything is laid out in one movie. There’s no waiting a year or two to get questions answered, there is finality (a rarity in today’s blockbusters).”

The Verge: “The score also suffers from comparisons [to the Star Wars trilogies]. Michael Giacchino’s work is excellent, but despite a spattering of themes and adopted stylistic flourishes, the film simply doesn’t have the John Williams cues that have become so inextricably linked to the franchise. It’s a tension that runs throughout the film: it’s trying to be Star Wars, but not. It’s trying to do something original, but not too original.

USA Today: “The stiff dialogue also doesn’t do anybody any favors — while all the best lines go to the snarky, scene-stealing droid K-2SO (Alan Tudyk), even Darth Vader (again with the grumbly tones of James Earl Jones) isn’t safe from a clunky pun.

Still, Edwards has a great handle on what makes Star Wars-ready visual spectacle. He crafts one of the saga’s best space battles in the superb, film-saving third act and takes the action to land for realistic ground-and-pound warfare.”

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