After His Meeting With Donald Trump Today, Kanye Now Says He’ll Run For President In 2024

After his surprise meeting with Donald Trump this morning, Kanye West took to Twitter to discuss the reason behind the meeting. Kanye also tweeted a suggestion that he wouldn’t be running against Trump in 2020, but would actually wait for 2024.

You can read his four tweet soliloquy below.

To me, the biggest bombshell is the last tweet. It refers to 2024, not 2020, as the year Kanye would run for office. To me, and to most nearly anybody reading that Tweet, it means that Kanye is happy to let Trump be the leader of the United States for eight years. That’s a surprise, can’t lie. And judging from people’s reactions, they are less than thrilled that Kanye has turned full heel.

So…this happened….

Donald Trump Meets With Kanye West, Says, "We've Been Friends for a Long Time"
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you think homeboy is getting re elected?

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