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WATCH: Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt Roast Each Other In ‘Playground Insults’

BBC Radio 1

BBC Radio 1

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are still promoting the hell out of their upcoming film Passengers. This time around, they played a game of “Playground Insults” for BBC Radio 1. The recurring segment is usually good for a few laughs, and this edition certainly did not disappoint.

Watch America’s sweethearts trade barbs in the video below.

DOWN GOES J-LAW! DOWN GOES J-LAW! DOWN GOES J-LAW! Pratt with the one-punch KO out of nowhere! I was getting my Harold Lederman on and scoring the fight round-by-round, and Pratt was well behind on my scorecard.

Lawrence had built herself a comfortable lead with a steady diet of 10-9 rounds, and she almost finished him off with that, “Where do you keep your Oscar?” line. But Pratt showed the heart of a goddamn lion getting up from the canvas and mounting a comeback that would make Rocky Balboa proud.

Hopefully, Jennifer won’t beat herself up too badly for losing. She’s still undefeated on this press tour when it comes to looking absolutely stunning.

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