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Here’s Your First Look At The (Hopefully Improved) Second Half Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7

via AMC

via AMC

Hey, so let’s just start this post with two words: spoiler alert. Is that clear? Okay, cool, let’s rock. Rick Grimes finally seems like he’s starting to fight back after Negan killed two more Alexandrians. It looks like Rick Grimes will begin to mount his revenge against Neegan and the Saviors during the second half of season seven.

In the preview for the second eight episodes of the season, Rick and the gang make their first visit to see Ezekiel and the Kingdom, Daryl kicks the shit out of someone, and there’s some car chase action. Hopefully, the second half of the seventh season is an improvement from the first, as The Walking Dead saw their ratings fall to its lowest point since the third season.

The mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead airs Sunday, February 12 at 9:00 P.M. EST.

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