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Watch The World’s Ugliest Pastor (Inside & Out) Tell Children That Santa Isn’t Real


Yup. This is the definition of psychotic. How miserable of a human being do you have to be to f*ck with kids? I mean, seriously dude, push your batshit crazy, right-wing, Jesus-loving agenda on adults all you want, but not f*cking kids man. They’re too young to be jaded by all the assholes of the world like yourself.

I introduced you to David Grisham, who is simultaneously both the worst and literally the ugliest pastor ever. I mean, pause for a second: can we just take a moment to marvel at how truly ugly this human being is? It wouldn’t surprise me if he was so angry at the world because it’s always laughing at him for being so ugly.

Truth be told, this guy is a walking paradox: He’s walking around trying to preach about God, except the hideousness of his face is enough to make anyone doubt the existence of a higher power.

Also, shout out to this squad of dads for not dropping this guy. Remarkable restraint if you ask me. If I were the father of these kids, I can promise you I’d gladly set a HORRIBLE example for my kids by absolutely popping this dude.

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